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WOW Saddles launches new UK fitting centre

We are very pleased to announce a new working relationship with the newly-relaunched Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre in Cambridgeshire, where WOW’s newest fitting centre will be based.

outdoorarenaThe equestrian centre, based at New Manor Farm in Houghton, is under the new ownership of businessman Mick George, and is managed by Jonathon Belcher and riding instructor Charlotte Cain. The revamped livery, training and competition venue is a new centre of equestrian excellence for the UK, and WOW saddle fitter Lorna Triggs is delighted to be based full time at the centre.

“The facilities have been revamped and extended and I am delighted to be able to offer a saddle fitting and consultation service at what is a lovely venue,” Lorna says. “This isn’t just limited to horse owners in East Anglia – people come from all over the country for clinics with top riders, so we hope that all horse owners looking for a prestige saddle that enhances equine comfort and performance will consider attending our Houghton fitting centre. We will also be running clinics with leading WOW-sponsored riders, and holding free horse-sport performance days and saddle fitting demo’s,” Lorna states.

Call Lorna Triggs on 07971 630513 for details, or First Thought Equine on 01227 831614, for details of other WOW stockists or fitters. For more information about WOW Saddles visit the website,

Are you sitting comfortably?

While it is of utmost importance that a saddle fits the horse, it is also vital to ensure it fits the rider too! If you are not in the correct position and sitting comfortably you will not be able to ride to the best of your ability which can only be a negative when it comes to performance.

The WOW saddle has a unique seat that is designed to make best use of the shape of our legs. The human leg is not flat on the inside of the thigh but has varying degrees of roundness and then a hollow at the very top. This shape is created by the top of the inner thigh muscle, the same muscle we use for “holding”.

Most saddles give us nothing to hold on to, giving a totally smooth line running from the skirts over the stirrup bars down to the flap. The WOW has a deliberate step between flap and seat creating a hollow that the leg sits into on either side of the tree. This promotes more stability and security by giving the leg something to wrap around rather than sitting on top. Sitting trot on big moving horses is easier, jumping has greater security as the leg can mould into the saddle and horse.

The seat is seamless having no skirts stitched on to the softer seat leather; this means less wear of the seat and of you.

The seat is also formed differently to that of other saddles. Where some saddles are prone to rub the rider (ladies and gentlemen) you will find we have thought about this problem and by varying the softness and support density over the seat’s surface we have created an exceptionally comfortable seat.

Don’t take our word for it, try a WOW Saddle for yourself and feel the difference!