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Hear from a WOW fitter…

…Jon Homer of Elemental Equine in Norfolk exclusively fits and retails WOW saddles. He says a major benefit of the WOW saddles is that they give the fitter the possibility of carrying a larger combination of fittings without the need to carry large numbers of saddles. “It is perfectly possible to cover a large majority of horses with just six saddles, because every section is modular and easily disassembled and assembled with a screwdriver,” he says. “Flair adds to this by allowing infinite adjustments to be carried out without removing the saddle or having the rider dismount. Importantly, Flair provides a flexible, gaseous bearing surface that is even, without pressure points. In terms of physical problems, we are regularly called out because conventional saddles have failed to perform, for example due to severe asymmetry in horse and or rider, undiagnosed recurrent lameness, cold backed horses, or those that are simply under-performing. For me, the major ‘plus’ with Flair is its ease of adjustment, and the fact it offers increased pressure distribution over a huge area of the horse’s back.”

A lack of understanding

When asked what he believes the pitfalls are where Flair is concerned, Jon sees none, aside from a lack of consumer understanding. “There is a worrying misconception that WOW saddles are treeless – in fact, they have a carbon fibre tree that allows the saddle to twist laterally to alleviate pressure and not restrict the horse’s movement. Plus, people think that with Flair, the saddle will be blown up like a bouncy football!” he says. “Also, people mistakenly think the saddles need to be regularly adjusted, when in fact Flair air bags do not need maintenance unless your horse changes shape.”

A Flair for fitting

David Ashton, proprietor of Village Saddlery in Cheshire, fits and retails a range of saddle brands including WOW; he says offering customers WOW saddles flocked with Flair often enables him to find solutions to problems that traditionally-flocked saddles can’t address.

“WOW saddles with Flair are especially good for asymmetrical horses – you can adjust the fit accurately on site, and the nature of the Flair panels works to keep the saddle square, without restriction,” David explains.

Along with many other saddlers, David has undertaken a course to convert any make of traditional saddle produced wool flocking to Flair; however he says there is less demand for this service now. “Converting wool flocked saddles to Flair was how we started with the brand – we had a great number of conversions when Flair was launched. But in the last five years, we have received less requests, because people would rather just purchase a new WOW saddle – they are modular, so can suit a great number of riders and disciplines,” he states.

“However, we do still get requests for this conversion service, notably from customers who have fitting problems that conventional saddles can’t solve, or through chartered physiotherapists, who often advise their customers to consider Flair because of the welfare benefits to the horse.”

A bit about WOW…

The first thing you should understand about WOW is that we have listened to riders and also invested much time scientifically testing different types of saddles to see how they actually perform on horses.  Because of this WOW named itself, being the one word everyone said when they rode on it. 

WOW is also totally new way of owning a saddle. For the first time one can buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its’ characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines. WOW is the worlds first modular saddle.

The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable! 

WOW is already proving that it is capable of performing at the highest levels of our sport in Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Endurance and Racing.

The technology and concepts used to make this saddle are not to be found in any other brand. WOW is unique and truly “Saddlery for the 21st Century”.