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November saddle cloth winner

Nov winner Vanessa Thomas and Sailor

We were pleased to have cheered Vanessa Thomas up by announcing her as the November saddle cloth winner! This is a picture of her and beautiful horse Sailor.

Vanessa says –

“This shows me with my young horse Gilmore Tricolour (Sailor) competing for the first time this year. We came 2nd in this class to qualify for UK Riders Championship and Trailblazers.

Sailor is an 18hh tri-colour gelding. I have had him 2 years but surgery prevented me competing last year so we are still very ‘green.’ I spent the winter training with Lesley Peyton-Gilbert so I am delighted with our performance this year.

Since this photo was taken we have competed at UK Riders and Equifest where we came 11th and 6th respectively. I have never competed in such busy competitions before and it is all new to Sailor so I am very happy with him and we had fun too!

We are from Northampton and I keep Sailor at home

I love my WOW saddle. I have the extra deep seat and giant blocks which really help me when Sailor gets a bit too onward. Given Sailor was a size 1 when I first got him and moved up to a size 3 within 6 months I am very pleased I bought a WOW with its ability to be adjusted – otherwise it would have been 3 saddles in 6 months – ouch!”