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What does your horse want from a tree?

In developing the WOW Saddle we asked ourselves this question… what does your horse want from a tree?
The answer is a means to distribute the rider weight symmetrically and evenly from the 7th to the 18th vertebrae.

This means there should be no flexion in the tree front to back. A lot of companies purport to having flexibility in their trees. If there is flexion along the spine of the horse then this will allow the riders weight to bear unevenly or put another way, to concentrate the pressure directly under the riders seat bones over a area no bigger than 3-5 vertebra. This is not a good situation and is verging on removing the tree altogether which gives even worse results in concentrating pressure under the rider seat. 


However, as a horse moves, its’ shoulders need to find more space as the scapulas rotate back under where the tree sits. The answer is to let the head of the tree swing from side to side as the alternate shoulders rotate back under the tree.

In other words, a horse would want a saddle that is longitudinally rigid and laterally flexible in the head. This is exactly what the WOW tree provides. By the use of a “Y” bar made from rigid Carbon Fibre that is as strong as steel embedded in the body of the tree we have created a framework that will move with the horse not against it!

The WOW tree is patented and state of the art. It performs like no other tree for both horse and rider. WOW is the only tree that incorporates Lateral Flexion. If you want to feel the benefits for yourself then contact us to find out more…


A Western wonder – WOW’s new western saddle is one of the most innovative and inter-changeable on the market

Have you seen the new WOW Western saddle? It will be produced in two versions – the round skirt and the square skirt. The tree is adjustable in the same way that our English saddles can be changed, with a headplate. Therefore, the saddle can be fitted to the very highest wither, or the flattest backed horse. If you want a saddle without a horn, the WOW Western can take a Standard English WOW headplate, making it lighter still.

Inter-Changeable Bucking Rolls

The saddle uses a slick fork design (eg. no swell) with bucking rolls; these are interchangeable for different sizes and shapes. The whole saddle is a fraction of the weight of a traditional western saddle, which will appeal to all riders.

Inter-Changeable Girthing & Fenders

The saddle can be fitted with English girthing or western cinch girthing. The fenders (stirrups) attach to the saddle on English style stirrup bars; of which there are two each side, giving two positions (forward and backward) for the rider’s leg. This also gives the safety of detachable stirrups, not found on traditional western saddles.

Adjustable Korrector Adjustable Air Pad Included

The Western WOW saddle includes a Western Korrector Adjustable Air Pad with four air bags, enabling adjustment of the saddle’s balance and fit, both front to back and side to side. The air system under the saddle allows the saddle to mould continuously to a moving horse, giving it and the rider greater comfort.

Those riders lucky enough to try the saddle whilst in development have been amazed at the difference in their horse’s freedom of movement, and softness over the back.

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