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Our September Saddle Cloth Winner…

This is Susan Rore and her lovely Appaloosa, Lindertis Doubletake (Indi to her friends)!

Susan says,

“I’ve had Indi since she was 5 months old (she’s just turned 6) and am completely and utterly smitten by her and appaloosas in general. She is just the easiest, nicest horse I’ve ever known!!

Indi lives with our other two horses at home on the north east coast of Scotland and we hack, school, have done a few dressage tests and some showing with success!  We’ve just started jumping (Indi being much better at it than me!!).  We live close to the beach, which Indi loves.

Indi has worn her WOW dressage saddle pretty much since she was backed. She’s had a couple of refits/headplate changes as she has grown and matured. I wouldn’t consider riding her in anything but a WOW as her comfort is my top priority! It’s perfect that I find it so comfy and so secure too!

Thank you WOW.”

Richard Davison on the blood rule…

The recent edition of Horse magazine featured a wonderful interview with our sponsored rider Richard Davison. We have posted a few extracts for you. The entire article is available in Horse magazine, which can be found in all good magazine retailers.

Richard discusses his views on the blood rule…

“How can blood on a horse be a welfare issue in one discipline, resulting in elimination, but not in another? Finally the FEI vet committee has come in behind the argument – to me, it has to be a judgement made by a qualified vet, not a dressage judge. It’s nonsense that currently a judge can see blood on a horse and the horse is eliminated but there is no requirement for it to see a vet. ..”

Flair V Korrector

If you are unsure whether you should get a Flair or a Korrector, maybe this will help –

Korrector is excellent at dispersing pressure and absorbing shock but like all saddle pads puts more distance between horse and rider.

Flair – “Air Flocking for Saddles” is the ultimate way of achieving a closer contact for horse and rider. Flair is fitted into the saddle’s panels so achieving a much closer fit with all the advantages of Korrector. Any saddle can be converted to Flair and many leading saddle makers offer Flair as an option from new.

Flair will only work in saddles that fit the horse correctly but Korrector will work with both saddles that fit and those that are too wide. Hopefully Korrector will give you and your horse a chance to sample the benefits and comfort of riding on air.

We hope this information has helped. If you have any concerns or questions then please contact us on 01227 831614

Benefits of the Korrector Air Saddle Pad

Korrector is the revolutionary new saddle pad which using air and foam technology, can be adjusted by the rider to give full day to day control of the fit of their saddle on one or more horses.

Once adjusted Korrector does not need to be altered unless the horse changes shape or you wish to use it with another saddle or on a different horse – adjustments take a couple of minutes and are done with the rider mounted.

Korrector benefits the rider by…


  • Allowing the rider to adjust the pad for seasonal changes in the horse’s shape


  • Absorbing jarring shock to the rider’s lower back


  • Giving the rider the means of using a saddle on more than one horse


  • Allowing the rider to adjust the balance of the saddle front to back


  • Allowing the rider to adjust the balance side to side so distributing the riders weight centrally


  • Allowing diagonal adjustment when the horse is asymmetric


  • Can be used with English, Western and Spanish style saddles


  • Bags can be removed and replaced fully inflated for washing purposes


Korrector has been proven by independent testing to give your horse greater comfort by…


  • Dispersing the pressure points of the saddle


  • Increasing the bearing surface of the saddle


  • Continually flexing and moulding to the horse’s shape allowing the back and shoulder muscles to work unrestricted


  •   Absorbing impact shock from the rider


  • Alleviating pressure across the horses spine and wither area


Korrector will not improve the fit of a saddle which is too narrow in the width of the tree . Only a new saddle will help in this situation.

To learn more click here


Our Mechanical Horse

Thank you to everyone who visited RIHS and our mechanical horse!

Mechanical horses are useful for helping riders get a feel for the WOW saddles. It also allows our WOW team to easily swap different saddles onto the mechanical horse to see which suits riders and their needs. We hope you had a great time!

‘A Wash Out’ by Francis Whittington

Our sponsored rider Francis Whittington writes a blog post about Aston le Walls being abandoned…

As I sit and and write this, I have just found out Aston le Walls has been abandoned (Tuesday 8th May). I was planning to run Sir Percival & Easy Target around the Open Intermediate and Hasty Imp the Intermediate, as none of them have had much match practice recently. Badminton cancelling was such a disapointment, not only for the riders and spectators, but the heartache the organisers must feel after a year of preparation must be awful. At least we can re-schedule and look forward to the rest of the season, they have to organise the clean up operation without even having the buzz of running the event. After chatting with Yogi Breisner about the plans moving forward, we decided to re-route Sir Percival to Chatsworth horse trials (12th -13th May) and Easy Target will go to the CCI4* in Luhmuhlen Germany in June. Chatsworth horse trials have put on another day of dressage on Friday to accomadate the added riders who are aiming for Olympic selection, so we will travel up on Thursday evening after a day of Intermediate at Aston le Walls, weather permitting!

All the horses have been working extremley well at home, and I actually think the break has done a lot of the younger ones good. Charter Party & Hasty Imp are heading for Houghton Hall International at the end of May, both are very exciting horses for the future and I am looking forward to see how they perform. Easy Times is now entered for his first Novice and is really starting to grow into a classy horse. There are a few other young ones who will come out towards the end of the summer to start their eventing career and I am very fortunate to have a yard full of quality horses coming up through the grades. After Houghton we are heading to Tattersalls with Boleybawn Impression and Model Behaviour to do the CCI2*, we always look forward to going to Tatts, it is such a welcoming event and Ian Stark built a fantastic course last year.

On another note, I took advantage of the recent event cancellations to go and walk with Claire Lomas. If you haven’t already heard about Claire’s challenge have a look at the following link Claire was injured in a riding accident and is walking the London marathon in a robotic suit. It is not until you see her walk and see what determination and guts it has taken for her to take this challenge on that you realise how incredibly inspirational she is. I will be off up to London tomorrow to see her finish, now I am no longer competing at Aston le Walls.

I will hopefully be updating you with how we get on at Aston le Walls and Chatsworth, lets all keep doing those sun dances!

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