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Richard Davison Q and A

The recent edition of Horse magazine featured a wonderful interview with our sponsored rider Richard Davison. We have posted a few extracts for you. The entire article is available in Horse magazine, which can be found in all good magazine retailers.

Dressage has a new format for the Olympics, which you were involved in developing. Are you pleased with the results?

“I was a member of an FEI task force that came up with the new format. Our role was to advice the FEI. While the basis of our findings was accepted, not all were. If you were asking whether the Olympic format is my choice, no it ain’t. But we were working to a precise brief. I don’t think it’s the best format, but it’s the one the FEI has gone with.”

What would you like to see done differently?

“I would like more starters in the Olympic Games. Dressage has 50, which is fewer that showjumping and eventing, which will each have 75 starters. I also think we should have a drop score. This system puts a lot of pressure on the horses, although it will make for an exciting competition.”