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Need a saddle for a Lusitano or Andalusian horse?

The WOW Baroque saddle is aimed at classical dressage riders that wish to use a classical, Spanish style of saddle that is often seen on Baroque horses, such as the Lusitano and Andalusian breeds, but want a technologically-advanced saddle with all the attributes of standard WOW saddles.

Common conformational issues where Lusitanos and similar breeds are concerned include a short thoracic vertebra, eg. the area that begins at the withers and extends to the lumbar vertebra. Because they can be short-coupled, the length of the rib cage from front to back in this type of horse can also be quite short, and this of course represents the bearing structure for a saddle. A steeply sloping final rib, common in these breeds, also limits the length of the saddle that will fit the horse.

Therefore, riders and owners of Lusitanos often find that saddle fitting can be troublesome. The WOW Baroque has been designed to face the conformational challenges of the Baroque horse, and features the unique WOW carbon fibre tree, which moves with the horse’s shoulders. For an extravagantly-moving horse such as the Lusitano, this is very important. It is vital that they are not restricted at the shoulders, so they can move as nature intended. The Baroque also comes with extra wide gullet fittings and has the option of Flair air bag flocking, which reduces pressure on the saddle’s bearing surface, for ultimate equine performance and comfort. (Wool flocking is also available).