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Flair V Korrector

If you are unsure whether you should get a Flair or a Korrector, maybe this will help –

Korrector is excellent at dispersing pressure and absorbing shock but like all saddle pads puts more distance between horse and rider.

Flair – “Air Flocking for Saddles” is the ultimate way of achieving a closer contact for horse and rider. Flair is fitted into the saddle’s panels so achieving a much closer fit with all the advantages of Korrector. Any saddle can be converted to Flair and many leading saddle makers offer Flair as an option from new.

Flair will only work in saddles that fit the horse correctly but Korrector will work with both saddles that fit and those that are too wide. Hopefully Korrector will give you and your horse a chance to sample the benefits and comfort of riding on air.

We hope this information has helped. If you have any concerns or questions then please contact us on 01227 831614