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Kitty King’s Blog: Snow problem here!

In the first of our exclusive monthly blogs from sponsored rider Kitty King, she tells us how she is coping with the snow!

Luckily we have an indoor school so it is pretty much normal service at the moment! Although we are being creative with the exercise as we can’t go out hacking. To keep it varied we are mixing it up with lunge work, jumping grids, course jumping, dressage days and sometimes I do some stretching with them on the flat to keep them supple. I have also managed to do some fitness work – although obviously you can’t go too fast in an arena – but doing 5 minutes of canter work in the school and then having a break between is helping keep on top of their fitness work. Hopefully the snow won’t last and we can get out cross country schooling in February!

The initial plan – weather permitting – is to get the horses out to my local venues, Summerhouse and Rectory Farm, to do some clear round jumping. I prefer doing this rather than going to a competition because I can treat it more like training. I set the fences to the height that I want and if I need to educate a horse then I can do so. We actually have a few cross country fences set up at home and luckily before the snow arrived some of the horses had a pop over them, so we shouldn’t be too behind in preparation for the season providing the weather clears up quickly!

This season I hope to take Zidante to do a 3* in the spring and then hopefully Pau 4* in the autumn. I have some young horses that I would like to take to Le Lion at the end of the year for the 6 year old World Cup, and Persimmon will do a 2* three-day-event this spring to get his qualification because he missed out on that due to the weather last year, and hopefully then onto a 3* later in the year.

I am also riding at the International Eventing Forum at Hartpury College on Monday 4th February so hopefully I will see some of you there!