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WOW Ambassador & Dutch Rider Roos Dyson tells us why she loves WOW Saddles!


Dutch customer and WOW ambassador Roos Dyson wanted to tell us about her recent escapades with her WOW saddle (with thanks to her fitter Kerry Sharp for his help and assistance)!

“Kerry recently fitted a WOW saddle on Variety, my new mare. Kerry came to see if my existing WOW saddle, which I’m using for my other horse, would fit her; and it does! I think it does fit her very well indeed as not only did I noticed a big change in her movement, but on the third day I saddled her up with the WOW saddle, she walked up and ‘greeted’ the saddle with her nose. Obviously the WOW saddle is very welcome! As I said to Kerry, I do believe that horses recognise different saddles!” Roos says.

“I bought Variety in June and have ridden her in the WOW saddle since July. She is 13 years old and has been previously competing up to Grand Prix level so she will be my new teacher! It will probably be a couple of months before I will be competing her though as I want to get her more relaxed first and she is known as notoriously ‘difficult’ to ride.

My other mare is 17 years old and I am competing her on ZZ Zwaar level (which is the grade below the British Prix St. George). I have ridden this mare in a WOW since March 2015 and really do rate these saddles,” Roos concludes.

We wish you all the best with your horses, Roos!


Roos’ website is where you can see she gives a special mention to WOW Saddles! 

Introducing the youngest addition of the WOW Sponsored rider team!

We are very proud, at WOW Saddles, to be supporting young rising star Hero Seago as she pursues her quest to take the show jumping world by storm! Here she tells us a little bit about herself…

“My name is Hero Seago, I am 12 years old and show jump my ponies. I started riding at 5yrs old and got my first pony at 6. He was very naughty and bucked and reared so taught me a lot about stickability. Next we got Sammy, a perfect little 11.1hh, whom I show jumped and also went to the Pony Club Areas Mounted Games with. Then along came Bobby, who started me off in BSJA at 10yrs old, and then Atlantic Jewel the following year. I currently run these ponies along side each other most weekends, jumping in the 138 classes and 90cm/1m opens. The three of us have had much success together, the NAF shining star award, 2nd over all in the NAF 5* Style and Performance Class at the Inter-Academy show this year and 1st in an inter-schools style and performance class. Also with my school, we got four teams through to the inter-schools Championships at Addington Manor in October and there we gained team champions in the 1.05m-1.10cm, and team 4th and 7th in the 95cm.”

Hero Seago
“I am so excited to have gained a sponsorship from WOW! It is such an incredible opportunity for me. Since I got my WOW Saddle I have loved riding in it and Bobby felt much freer underneath me. I think he particularly likes the freedom of movement the saddle gives him through his shoulders.”

“This weekend was his first show in the WOW Saddle and he was on fire! We gained our second double clear in the Springboard class, coming equal 1st and qualifying, and a 5th in the Discovery/90cm open. There is no stopping Bobby now he has a WOW!”

We can’t wait to see how Hero progresses with her ponies! Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs coming soon and in the mean time make sure you visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the ‘up to the minute’ news!


Bridle bother?

Bridles can be an issue, and if ill fitting, can affect performance.

Ideally, pressure under the headpiece should be distributed over a wide area, rather than focussing on the sensitive poll area at the top of the horse’s head – particularly if a bit with leverage action is used!

It is highly likely that perceived equine behavioural issues such as being head-shy, or head-shaking, are linked to head discomfort – consider a bridle product that increases pressure distribution by utilising a wide padded base at the head piece, if your horse is sensitive. Try bridles that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears, and beware of keeping a ‘bridlepath’ of hair for the bridle to sit on, unless you can keep it very short – because a ‘stubbly’ bridlepath can cause discomfort and pressure.

A Western wonder – WOW’s new western saddle is one of the most innovative and inter-changeable on the market

Have you seen the new WOW Western saddle? It will be produced in two versions – the round skirt and the square skirt. The tree is adjustable in the same way that our English saddles can be changed, with a headplate. Therefore, the saddle can be fitted to the very highest wither, or the flattest backed horse. If you want a saddle without a horn, the WOW Western can take a Standard English WOW headplate, making it lighter still.

Inter-Changeable Bucking Rolls

The saddle uses a slick fork design (eg. no swell) with bucking rolls; these are interchangeable for different sizes and shapes. The whole saddle is a fraction of the weight of a traditional western saddle, which will appeal to all riders.

Inter-Changeable Girthing & Fenders

The saddle can be fitted with English girthing or western cinch girthing. The fenders (stirrups) attach to the saddle on English style stirrup bars; of which there are two each side, giving two positions (forward and backward) for the rider’s leg. This also gives the safety of detachable stirrups, not found on traditional western saddles.

Adjustable Korrector Adjustable Air Pad Included

The Western WOW saddle includes a Western Korrector Adjustable Air Pad with four air bags, enabling adjustment of the saddle’s balance and fit, both front to back and side to side. The air system under the saddle allows the saddle to mould continuously to a moving horse, giving it and the rider greater comfort.

Those riders lucky enough to try the saddle whilst in development have been amazed at the difference in their horse’s freedom of movement, and softness over the back.

Visit for more info.