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This year at Burghley part 2

We continue listing the Burghley fences that Andrew Hoy considers to be the most difficult. The entire article is available in the recent edition of Horse & Hound. Andrew discusses the fences and tricky terrain that’s ahead for all riders. The four-star Burghley course is tricky to say the least.

Fence 12

Waterloo Logs

Difficulty rating – 8/10

“On the flat you’d just gallop at these huge logs, which measure the best part of 3m front to back. But with a large grassy mound to canter over on the approach, it’s a real four-star fence.”

Fence 19abc

Land Rover Dairy Mound

Difficulty rating – 8/10

“These two steps up to a simple box hedge at the top measure 1.10m, but a horse has to jump about 1.35m to have space to get his landing gear down.”

Fence 25

Burghley Station

Difficulty rating – 8/10

“Situated at the bottom of a moderately steep hill, this vast white timber oxer is of maximum dimensions.”

All this fence talk us really got us in the mood for Burghley!! If you are here come and say hello. Our stand will be in The World of the Horse Marquee at The Lions Bridge.

Francis Whittington on front cover!

We were so pleased to see Francis Whittington and horse Sir Percival III on the front cover of the most recent edition of Horse & Hound.

The photo was taken at the 2011 Burghley Horse Trials. We hope this year will be as exciting as last year…if you are going, remember the WOW Saddles stand will be in The World of the Horse Marquee at The Lions Bridge.

Interested customers can try a range of saddles on WOW’s mechanical horse on the stand, and if they are interested in purchasing a saddle and arranging for a fitting, can complete a specification sheet that can be exchanged with a WOW retailer for 10% discount on a new saddle.

This is valid on orders placed with a retailer before 30 November 2012.