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This year at Burghley

Horse & Hound has printed a great article by double Burghley winner, Andrew Hoy. He discusses the fences and tricky terrain that’s ahead for all riders. The four-star Burghley course is tricky to say the least. In the article Andrew talks us through all the fences and their difficulties. We have listed the fences you should look out for and the ones he thinks are the most challenging…

Fence 4abc

Leaf Pit Classic

Key fence

Difficulty rating – 8/10

“There’s no choice of fences to jump before the drop this year…The direct route should ride well, as it is very inviting, fair and not very narrow. The longer alternative is really easy, but the sharp left and right to get back on course afterwards will break horses’ rhythm and tire them in the long run.!

Fence 6 & 7abc

Discovery Valley

Difficulty rating – 8/10

“…it’s a clever fence. It’s flagged to make you think it should be tackled straight, but in fact it needs riding on a gentle curve.”

Fence 10 &11ab

Land Rover Trout Hatchery

Difficulty rating – 9/10

“Fence 10 is a really big brush ‘basket’ surmounted with goose eggs, in the first Trout Hatchery water, with another big grassy knoll on the approach. Arrive at it underpowered or in incorrect balance and it won’t be a nice experience.”

There are 3 more fences that Andrew considers the most difficult. Keep an eye out for future WOW Saddle posts to find out which ones they are…

Francis Whittington on front cover!

We were so pleased to see Francis Whittington and horse Sir Percival III on the front cover of the most recent edition of Horse & Hound.

The photo was taken at the 2011 Burghley Horse Trials. We hope this year will be as exciting as last year…if you are going, remember the WOW Saddles stand will be in The World of the Horse Marquee at The Lions Bridge.

Interested customers can try a range of saddles on WOW’s mechanical horse on the stand, and if they are interested in purchasing a saddle and arranging for a fitting, can complete a specification sheet that can be exchanged with a WOW retailer for 10% discount on a new saddle.

This is valid on orders placed with a retailer before 30 November 2012.