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Congratulations to our sponsored rider Richard Davison and his horse Hiscox Artemis who took second place at the final World Cup qualifier in Gothenburg.

It was no easy job for the last-man-in, Davison, as the crammed stadium of Swedish spectators were still roaring their approval for their own hero Patrik Kittel as the Brit entered the ring.   Gothenburg presents a particularly tough test, as the dressage arena just squeezes inside the confines of the oval-shaped ice-rink, with the four corners touching the surrounding walls.  Davison had to call on all his reserves of experience to steer the Countess of Derby and John Dodd’s Hiscox Artemis through their floor-plan, but the 56-year-old rider knows all there is to know about ring-craft and when 75.850 went up on the board he was well in the frame.  Kittel’s score, meanwhile, had been swallowed up by the electronic blackout, but it was eventually retrieved and the home crowd rose to their feet with delight during the prize-giving ceremony.

Kittel admitted that the excitement of the spectators had affected his own performance.  “Sometimes I didn’t have one-hundred percent control, and we made a little mistake in the two-tempis” he pointed out, but he added “tonight will stay in my memory for a very long time – the reception I got from the crowd was incredible!”

Davison said “I had a good time and a great ride” and that it would have been “nice to win in Patrik Kittel fan-land”, but, he joked, “did you notice I did a deliberate mistake for all of Sweden because I didn’t think I’d get out of their alive if I won!” he added.

Source FEI media department