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The Kinda

The Kinda is an innovative bridlewear headpiece that helps reduce poll pressure. It can be fitted with all standard bridles, and features a padded base that increases pressure distribution – the normal bridle headpiece threads through a hidden channel at the top of the Kinda, for a smart, smooth appearance. The Kinda is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears.

The product also helps to alleviate pressure from the ‘bridlepath’ section of mane behind the ears, which with a bridle headpiece on top, can cause discomfort. The Kinda has a channel running beneath it, like a saddle gullet, in which the trimmed section of mane can sit. The Kinda may also help prevent headshaking in horses that are sensitive to pressure at the poll and ears, and is useful for horses with big ears, whose headpieces are prone to pinching.