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International Equitation Master advocates WOW Saddles

Philiipe Karl

Philiipe Karl

Leading horse trainer, classical equitation specialist and founder of the School of Légèreté, a respectful  way of training lightness in riding, Philippe Karl, is now a WOW Saddles Ambassador.

Based in France, Philippe Karl is a world-renowned trainer and Master of Equitation who is interested in melding the classical traditions of equitation with modern understanding of equine anatomy, physiology and locomotion. The philosophy of Légèreté excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids, and progresses on the teachings of luminaries such as Xenophon and Oliveira.

Philippe travels the world teaching and demonstrating this ethos, and has produced many books and DVDs about classical dressage. He has worked at prestigious European training establishments the Cadre Noir and Ecole Nationale d´Equitation, and travelled the world presenting equitation shows with the Cadre Noir before setting up the School of Légèreté, which exists to train riding instructors and enhance understanding of kind and respectful horse riding.

WOW Saddles’ co-proprietor David Kempsell is delighted that such a luminary in the world of equitation advocates the WOW Saddles concept. “It is widely recognised that WOW Saddles embrace modern knowledge about equine anatomy and locomotion to produce saddles that enhance equine wellness and performance – but these modern schools of thought and cutting edge technologies are not always associated with traditional equitation. That a Master such as Philippe Karl supports and advocates our ethos, and recommends WOW Saddles, is a great step forward for horses everywhere,” David states.

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