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Learn more about Fore Girth

Normally, cases where the girth groove falls forward of the saddle (normally on horses with no wither and croup high!) prove to be a saddle fitter’s nightmare! To alleviate this problem we have developed an extra component that fits between the panel and the flap that holds the front strap actually forward of the saddle. This we call our Fore Girth Option which can be removed at a later date by just unbolting it. Unlike a traditional fore girth there is nothing over the wither apart from the saddle. 

The biggest problem with this type of horse is that it general works on its forehand. Because the saddle never keeps in place the chances of the horse developing a wither and using its’ shoulders correctly are poor. By keeping the saddle back and in position the horse is more able to work correctly and come up in the shoulder and the wither. Hopefully this will mean that the fore girth option can be removed when this is achieved.

  1. The Fore Girth Option keeps the forward strap (dotted line) in line with the girth groove.
  2. Has no Fore Girth, simply the front strap in the standard point strap option. You can see the difference in the way the strap lays (dotted line) and how it has pulled the saddle forward

  1. Pictures show the Fore Girth Option in place. The front strap is taken out of the flap and inserted through the front keeper on the Fore Girth Option. 
  2. Shows the back strap also removed from the flap and placed in the back keeper of the Fore Girth Option. This option provides greater bracing for the more difficult fit. 
  3. Shows the back strap in the middle keeper, this is a last resort for very forward grooved and extremely difficult to fit horses.

WOW Saddles – The Club Dressage


WOW Club Dressage offers your horse supreme comfort having the WOW tree with Lateral Flexion, Pointless panels and interchangeable headplates.

The Dressage saddle has a deep profile seat.

The steel head plates are available in 11 sizes of -1 to 9 and in the -1 to 3 sizes these can be upgraded to the very light Carbon Fibre Headplates (November 2010)

The Flap has soft fixed knee blocks giving the ultimate in rider comfort and stability and the WOW Double Stirrup Bar enabling the rider to move leg position depending on the length of their upper thigh and the level of work that their horse is achieving.

The substantial soft fixed knee blocks that mould around the riders leg giving added stability on a “big” moving horse. The smooth butt leather on the flaps is well oiled and provides durability and comfort as they mould easily to the side of the horse

Like the competitor the club flaps have the unique WOW girthing system and the optional fore girth can be added if required.

The panels are available in soft foam which can be can be changed for different shape horses by the use of shims or upgraded at extra cost to the Flair system.