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Bridle bother?

Bridles can be an issue, and if ill fitting, can affect performance.

Ideally, pressure under the headpiece should be distributed over a wide area, rather than focussing on the sensitive poll area at the top of the horse’s head – particularly if a bit with leverage action is used!

It is highly likely that perceived equine behavioural issues such as being head-shy, or head-shaking, are linked to head discomfort – consider a bridle product that increases pressure distribution by utilising a wide padded base at the head piece, if your horse is sensitive. Try bridles that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears, and beware of keeping a ‘bridlepath’ of hair for the bridle to sit on, unless you can keep it very short – because a ‘stubbly’ bridlepath can cause discomfort and pressure.

The Kinda – an ergonomic bridle headpiece that reduces poll pressure

WOW saddles has recently launched an innovative bridlewear headpiece called the Kinda that helps reduce poll pressure. It can be fitted with all standard bridles, and features a padded base that increases pressure distribution – the normal bridle headpiece threads through a hidden channel at the top of the Kinda, for a smart, smooth appearance.

The Kinda is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears.

It also helps to alleviate pressure from the ‘bridlepath’ section of mane behind the ears, which with a bridle headpiece on top can cause discomfort. The Kinda has a channel running beneath it, like a saddle gullet, in which the trimmed section of mane can sit. The Kinda may also help prevent headshaking in horses that are sensitive to pressure at the poll and ears, and is useful for horses with big ears, whose headpieces are prone to pinching.

The Kinda is only £49 and is available in Black or Brown.

Call 01227 831614 for stockists of the Kinda.

We’re launching The Kinda…

First Thought Equine are launching their new bridlewear headpiece – The Kinda.

The Kinda reduces poll pressure and is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears. Watch our video…