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Bridle bother?

Bridles can be an issue, and if ill fitting, can affect performance.

Ideally, pressure under the headpiece should be distributed over a wide area, rather than focussing on the sensitive poll area at the top of the horse’s head – particularly if a bit with leverage action is used!

It is highly likely that perceived equine behavioural issues such as being head-shy, or head-shaking, are linked to head discomfort – consider a bridle product that increases pressure distribution by utilising a wide padded base at the head piece, if your horse is sensitive. Try bridles that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit at the ears, and beware of keeping a ‘bridlepath’ of hair for the bridle to sit on, unless you can keep it very short – because a ‘stubbly’ bridlepath can cause discomfort and pressure.