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The Club vs the Competitor… what are the differences?

Many people ask us what the difference is between the WOW Club saddle and the WOW Competitor, so we have put down a simple article to explain…


wowcompetitorlogoIt all started with the WOW Competitor Range. For the first time one could buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its’ characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines. WOW is the world’s first modular saddle. The seat, panels and flaps of the WOW Competitor Range are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable!

The WOW Competitor Range offers…

Flexible Carbon Fibre Tree. Using the latest materials to give the ultimate in flexibility and strength. Lateral Flexion allows the horse to rotate the scapula fully under the saddle without interference, whilst also proving a very big bearing surface and hence very low pressures on the horse’s back.
PPS™ “Pointless Panel System” The unique shape of the tree with no conventional points and an extended floating plate on the panel top produces a bearing surface larger than a western saddle!
Double Stirrup Bars Allows the rider to ride with both a straighter leg position for schooling and a more forward leg position for hacking or jumping disciplines.
Adjustable Tree Width The width of the tree can be adjusted by the rider using the unique Flexi-Head™ in conjunction 11 interchangeable headplate width fittings from extra narrow to 8X Wide.
Interchangeable Panels Enables you to change the panels of your saddle to a design more suitable for a different horse with different back profile i.e. higher or lower gusset height
Double Wishbone Girthing A unique girthing arrangement centers the pull of the girth to keep the saddle still and stable on the horses back.
Interchangeable Flaps Extra flaps can be purchased and these are interchangeable allowing the rider to remove one flap and replace with one for a different discipline flap i.e. dressage to jumping
Two position flaps All flaps have two fixing positions so you can change the flap’s angle forward or back as well as removing them totally. This allows for riders with longer leg/thigh length.
Choice Of Seat Designs Flat to deep with differing degrees of softness of support.
Anatomically Designed Seat Allowing the rider to achieve total closeness to the horse with their thigh lying flat against the horses side.
Choice Knee Blocks Fixed Blocks or Moveable Blocks. moveable blocks allows the rider to adjust the knee support.
Single web stirrup leathers included so there is no buckle under the rider’s leg and Flair – The Adjustable Air Flocking System is fitted as standard. Flair allows the panel to be adjusted to and continuously mould to a horses changing/moving shape. There is a choice of colours and styles of leather, stitching and facings as well as flaps, panels and seat allows the rider to customize the saddle to their own preferences.

wowclublogoThe WOW Club Dressage shares the same tree as the Competitor and has the same range of headplate fittings.  The WOW Club Dressage  cannot change flaps or seat and is just a dressage saddle.  The Panels of the Club are inter-changeable and come fitted with a foam panel as standard, this can be upgraded to Flair.  The colours for the WOW Club Range are limited to black and brown.

The WOW Club Dressage still features the following…

Flexible Carbon Fibre Tree
PPS™ “Pointless Panel System”
Double Stirrup Bars
Adjustable Tree Width
Interchangeable Panels
Double Wishbone Girthing
Anatomically Designed Seat

So now you know! If you want to learn more about the WOW Saddle collection visit

Richard Davison makes a great debut outing at Myerscough Premier League Show

Proceedings got underway on Wednesday 6th March for WOW Saddles sponsored rider, Richard Davison, as Myerscough College hosted it’s Premier League Show, with classes up to Grand Prix.

Richard made his return to the scene following the sale of his prolific ride Hiscox Artemis to Swiss Under 25 rider Phinie von Bremen earlier this year and dazzled the judges with a plus-70% win in the Grand Prix with 12 year old Holstein gelding, Hiscox Aliano. This horse had already shown much promise at Small Tour under Richard’s wife, Gillian Davison, and now proves to be one to watch!

Here is the fabulous write up featured in Horse & Hound magazine the following week…

richard Davison news Aliano

What is it about Flair that makes it so special?

Have you heard all the talk about Flair, but still don’t really know what it is all about? Or what it is that makes it like no other saddle product on the market? We think it s revolutionary!

Simply put, Flair is Air Flocking. Yes, the panels of your saddle are filled with air!

Flair is a system of air bags designed to replace the flocking in all conventional saddles, new or secondhand, to provide a soft, flexible and even bearing surface without pressure points.

Fitting air bags does not require any modification to the saddle, its appearance will not change. Once fitted, Flair air bags do not need adjustment or special maintenance unless your horse changes shape. Then simple adjustment by your saddler is all that is required. Some horses develop muscle rapidly with the Flair system and have outgrown their tree size

Flair gives your saddle a constant flexible layer of shock absorbing air as thick as your saddle’s panel.

Flair increases the sensitivity to aids from your lower back and seat. By removing any saddle discomfort the horse can clearly focus on your aids.

Kitty King’s blog: A great start to the season!

WOW sponsored rider, Kitty King, has already been to two events this year and so far all is looking promising!

“We started the season with Aston Le Walls with all the young horses,” she tells us. “Most of whom were ‘first timers’ and we had four nice double clears! One of my new rides, Bondi Beach won his BE100 section, another new ride Caeleste had her first run and went nicely with a double clear in the BE100 and came 5th and Burtonhill was 6th.”

“We have spent the past two days at Tweseldown, and have another two days to go! Caeleste felt better for having one run under her belt, she was less on edge and did a 28 dressage and went double clear to win her section which is very promising. Today (Thursday 7th March) I took two older horses to do the Open Intermediate and was pleased with the results. Zidante, who is aiming for the Fontainebleau Nations Cup in a few weeks, did a really nice dressage test in a very boggy arena then showjumped clear in another very boggy arena! I didn’t take her too quick cross country because of the ground but she still finished 3rd without having to push her so it was nice to get started with a good run. Persimmon was a lot later in the day so the ground had deteriorated even more but he did a good dressage of 26 and was in the lead, but he had both parts of the double down having jumped a lovely round until then, it is very unlike him but he got totally stuck in the mud, he didn’t deserve it so it was a shame. He then went on to do a very nice clear cross country round and still finished 8th so I feel we have a good start to build on. He is aiming for Tattersalls 2* in May.”

“We have another two days at Tweseldown and then Aldon and Fontainebleau over the next few weeks,so hopefully we will keep going as well as we have started.” salperton 2012 Kitty King from Lulu Kyriacou MED RES riding Zidante

WOW Saddles launches new UK fitting centre

We are very pleased to announce a new working relationship with the newly-relaunched Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre in Cambridgeshire, where WOW’s newest fitting centre will be based.

outdoorarenaThe equestrian centre, based at New Manor Farm in Houghton, is under the new ownership of businessman Mick George, and is managed by Jonathon Belcher and riding instructor Charlotte Cain. The revamped livery, training and competition venue is a new centre of equestrian excellence for the UK, and WOW saddle fitter Lorna Triggs is delighted to be based full time at the centre.

“The facilities have been revamped and extended and I am delighted to be able to offer a saddle fitting and consultation service at what is a lovely venue,” Lorna says. “This isn’t just limited to horse owners in East Anglia – people come from all over the country for clinics with top riders, so we hope that all horse owners looking for a prestige saddle that enhances equine comfort and performance will consider attending our Houghton fitting centre. We will also be running clinics with leading WOW-sponsored riders, and holding free horse-sport performance days and saddle fitting demo’s,” Lorna states.

Call Lorna Triggs on 07971 630513 for details, or First Thought Equine on 01227 831614, for details of other WOW stockists or fitters. For more information about WOW Saddles visit the website,

Calling all British Showjumping riders…

We are very excited to be a co-sponsor for Houghton Hall Equestrian Centre’s H Factor competition!

This is a totally unique competition which offers two riders the chance of winning a 12 month sponsorship and mentoring deal, as well as a superb range of branded riding equipment.

What is the H Factor? 

A totally unique competition open to all British Show Jumping riders (Junior & Senior) offering the chance to win a sponsorship and mentoring deal for one whole year. Riders are judged on their show jumping performance but will also be marked on their style, technique and star quality!

1st April: Senior British Show Jumping Members.
2nd April: Junior British Show Jumping Members.

For more information and to enter please go to


What does your horse want from a tree?

In developing the WOW Saddle we asked ourselves this question… what does your horse want from a tree?
The answer is a means to distribute the rider weight symmetrically and evenly from the 7th to the 18th vertebrae.

This means there should be no flexion in the tree front to back. A lot of companies purport to having flexibility in their trees. If there is flexion along the spine of the horse then this will allow the riders weight to bear unevenly or put another way, to concentrate the pressure directly under the riders seat bones over a area no bigger than 3-5 vertebra. This is not a good situation and is verging on removing the tree altogether which gives even worse results in concentrating pressure under the rider seat. 


However, as a horse moves, its’ shoulders need to find more space as the scapulas rotate back under where the tree sits. The answer is to let the head of the tree swing from side to side as the alternate shoulders rotate back under the tree.

In other words, a horse would want a saddle that is longitudinally rigid and laterally flexible in the head. This is exactly what the WOW tree provides. By the use of a “Y” bar made from rigid Carbon Fibre that is as strong as steel embedded in the body of the tree we have created a framework that will move with the horse not against it!

The WOW tree is patented and state of the art. It performs like no other tree for both horse and rider. WOW is the only tree that incorporates Lateral Flexion. If you want to feel the benefits for yourself then contact us to find out more…


A WOW is not just for Christmas…

WOW was developed after listening to riders and investing time to scientifically test different types of saddles to see how they perform on different horses. This is where the name came from, when our guinea pigs rode in the saddle they said just one word, WOW!

WOW is also totally new way of owning a saddle. For the first time one can buy a traditional looking saddle and by buying different components, alter all of its’ characteristics to suit different horses, riders and disciplines. WOW is the worlds first modular saddle meaning that it is a long term investment for your horse.

The seat, panels and flaps of the saddle are all available separately, so you can easily change component parts. When they are combined they make a saddle whose performance for the horse and the rider is unbeatable!

Did you know that a WOW saddle provides you with…

  • A laterally flexible tree that allows for greater shoulder movement;
  • A wide variety of fittings and styles to suit even the most hard-to-fit horse, plus modular styles available;
  • Flair air bag flocking, which avoids pressure points that can be caused by ill fitting wool flocking, and also provides an even bearing surface; (other flocking types also available if preferred);
  • The Pointless Panel System, that provides a wide bearing surface without no pressure points.

Perhaps 2013 will be the year that you say WOW?

November saddle cloth winner

Nov winner Vanessa Thomas and Sailor

We were pleased to have cheered Vanessa Thomas up by announcing her as the November saddle cloth winner! This is a picture of her and beautiful horse Sailor.

Vanessa says –

“This shows me with my young horse Gilmore Tricolour (Sailor) competing for the first time this year. We came 2nd in this class to qualify for UK Riders Championship and Trailblazers.

Sailor is an 18hh tri-colour gelding. I have had him 2 years but surgery prevented me competing last year so we are still very ‘green.’ I spent the winter training with Lesley Peyton-Gilbert so I am delighted with our performance this year.

Since this photo was taken we have competed at UK Riders and Equifest where we came 11th and 6th respectively. I have never competed in such busy competitions before and it is all new to Sailor so I am very happy with him and we had fun too!

We are from Northampton and I keep Sailor at home

I love my WOW saddle. I have the extra deep seat and giant blocks which really help me when Sailor gets a bit too onward. Given Sailor was a size 1 when I first got him and moved up to a size 3 within 6 months I am very pleased I bought a WOW with its ability to be adjusted – otherwise it would have been 3 saddles in 6 months – ouch!”

Don’t forget to enter our competition…

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Along with the picture, tell us your horse’s name, and where you were training. If you are posting a picture of you competing in your WOW Saddle, then please tell us the date of the competition and where it was held.

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