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Essential saddlery advice for the show jumper

Some fabulous advice from WOW Saddles Sponsored rider Philip Spivey in the latest issue of Absolute Horse magazine! 

AH May saddlery for the showjumper

Philip Spivey’s blog: Fittening the show jumper

WOW Sponsored rider Philip Spivey tells us what has been going on in his latest blog…

“It has been a month of local shows, taking different lots of horses to get out competing and it has been very successful, I went to one show and won every class I jumped in! I am currently jumping at Addington, at their Spring Classic Show and so far so good.

Smirnov is jumping very well, we had an unlucky pole in the HOYS qualifier but have another chance this weekend! Cirocco is winning nearly every class he is entered in and all the horses are generally going well.

I took Virgina and Graffiti to a demo at Otley College earlier on this week and they were both very well behaved and gave me an easy job! The focus on the demo was fittening the show jumper and it was run in conjunction with Saracen Horse Feeds. We spent lots of time working on gymnastic work such as bounces which I call ‘horsey press ups’. To me show jumping is the middle distance training, you don’t need the same level of fitness that the event horses have as usually you only need to perform for 1 minute to 1 minute 3o seconds maximum. It depends on the age and level of the horse but we hack our horses around twice a week and then they get harder work 3 times. Now that the weather is a bit better they can also go out and enjoy the odd afternoon in the field too!”

Philip Spivey by Samantha Lamb

Philip Spivey’s blog: Back from Portugal

WOW Saddles sponsored rider Philip Spivey is back from the Atlantic Tour in Portugal and gives us the lowdown on his trip!

“We had a mixed tour in Portugal. The younger horses jumped very well. The 5 year old, called Darya I Nur, was placed every weekend and then in the finals. The seven year old, Smirnov, was also very good and having been placed every weekend he was 9th in the 7 year old finals. I was very pleased with both of them!

The older horses also went well, Virginia 188 had a couple of placings but lost a shoe when we first got there so her tour got better as it went on. Zarina got better and better with some great placings but unfortunately Pinto du Lusse got colic the first weekend we were there so had to be shipped off to a clinic and then back to his owners (who happen to live in Spain) to recuperate. He is doing well now though and on the road to recovery so will be back soon. All in all I was pleased, apart from the poor sick horse, but particularly with the young horses as they learnt a lot.

Going forward we have some clinics and demonstrations coming up, including one at Houghton Hall where WOW are sponsoring the H Factor. The horses who went to Portugal are having a bit of a break and then we will start the next campaign mid April with Addington Manor for their Spring Classic Show, then on to Windsor, Herts County, Suffolk County and after that a trip to France!”


We are pleased to announce we are sponsoring Philip Spivey

We are extremely pleased to be sponsoring International show jumper Philip Spivey. SMS-qualified saddle fitter and Co-Founder of First Thought Equine, David Kempsell, says he is excited to be working with Philip. “Philip is a renowned trainer and producer, so progressive improvement and correct development of the horse is paramount to him – that’s what builds equine strength and ability. Philip understands the technology behind WOW Saddles, and their potential for enhancing equine comfort and performance,” David states.

Philip Spivey trained with former British Team Chef d’Equipe Ronnie Massarella, and later, show jumper Ludo Philippaerts. Philip is based in Suffolk, where he trains and produces young horses; he has represented Britain eight times on British Nations Cup teams. Philip continues to train riders of all calibres and competes internationally; he says he is thrilled to be working with WOW Saddles.

“Obviously, comfort and performance are key for show jumping horses, which is why I was interested in the concept of WOW saddles. The carbon fibre tree is excellent for allowing equine stretch and extension through the back and shoulders, and the Flair air bag flocking really appeals to me, as it increases pressure distribution over the horse’s back. It is also great for cold-backed or generally sensitive horses,” Philip states.

Philip is working with WOW on an exciting, secret prototype jumping saddle, to create the perfect saddle offering rider stability and comfort, along with enhanced equine performance. The saddle launches shortly. Philip joins a ‘stable’ of successful equestrian competitors sponsored by First Thought Equine, including eventers Francis Whittington, Kitty King and Paul Tapner, and dressage riders Richard Davison and Wayne Channon.