WOWs keep Ree riding

Ree Miller was diagnosed with severe osteo arthritis in both hips in her 30’s. Being so young doctors were unwilling to operate and she had to wait over a decade to have both hips replaced. From the time of her diagnosis most saddles, and wide horses, aggravated her condition. “If my horse spooked the pain in my hips would be immediate and like a knife going into the joint”.

Ree takes up the story.

“Four years ago I took the plunge and purchased a WOW for Snip, my horse of a lifetime. This saddle has meant that I have been able to continue to ride right up until my surgery. It is super comfy and has been an absolute god send for me! It is because of the narrow twist and then the flaps being snug, not thick, it gives my hips the chance to slowly open. Whereas with other saddles your legs are forced from the top of saddle to go wide. My Equitana flaps keep me secure.”

Unfortunately Snip had to be put down last year due to kissing spine and arthritis, and Ree got Dave on loan. His paces proved uncomfortable for Ree and after a few months she decided to return him. She told her husband she wouldn’t get another horse until after her surgery, but when she took Dave back, Miller, a bright chestnut, was in the next stable. And he was up for sale. “He ticked every box – apart from he is orange. I prefer a bay – how shallow!” Ree says, laughing at herself.


“This is Miller. I think the photo shows how locked I am in my lower back due to my hips. Miller is Anglo-European, his sire is the Olympic showjumper Defi Plateire. He is 10 years old and really low mileage, being used as a happy hack for the last 5 years.

“I’m looking forward to getting back into my WOW in August, as soon as my surgeon permits! Sam Prior is my fitter and she is incredibly knowledgeable and really takes her time with you and the horse. I can’t wait to start schooling and getting out to compete in dressage with my bionic hips on the wonderful Miller. ”

About firstthoughtequine

First Thought Equine manufactures original and innovative equine saddlery products, including Flair, the Air Flocking system, and WOW saddles. Our mission is to produce products that will improve and enhance equine performance. We have achieved this through testing, field trialing and prototyping over many years on all types of equines, in all disciplines.

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