A Golden Glow

Tory Ashby is lucky enough to live in the West Country, so there is endless scope for her to indulge her passion for pleasure rides in this beautiful region. She tells us:

Charlie, Tory Ashby's handsome palomino horse
Tory Ashby’s handsome palomino Charlie

“My palomino Charlie and I have have been struggling with saddles for ages. He changes shape and is quite sensitive and very politely tells me when something isn’t right. I’m quite a novice rider and he is very much a gentleman, but I knew we could be doing so much better together. My best mate Vicky Flower convinced me to try a WOW after her very sensitive grey came on leaps and bounds in one.  I have to admit my initial reaction was “This is just a marmite saddle, it won’t work for me”. 

Tory Ashby's WOW saddle, black with VSD flaps
Tory’s saddle is a Size 2 Deep seat with VSD flaps, set on 17″ panels to suit Charlie’s short back.

Our local fitter Natalie Pote allowed me to trial a saddle. Oh my! It was just so comfortable and Charlie was incredibly happy. I’ve been so paranoid about saddles, spent thousands but Natalie has been so thoughtful, thorough, taken her time to ensure it’s perfect for both of us, and patiently answered all sorts of questions. 

Like all WOW Saddles, the modular construction allowed Natalie to put together options to suit both the horse and the rider, without compromise. Charlie’s short back meant he needed a size 1 (17″) panel, but Tory can still have the size 2 (18″) deep seat she is comfortable in, combined with VSD (very slightly dressage) fixed block flaps to give her length of leg and stirrup leather exactly the support she wants.

Vicky Flower and Tory Ashby enjoying their ride in their WOWs

This is our first 10-mile ride, with Vicky and her WOW on her grey.

Fun rides are my passion. After a serious illness, to be out enjoying the countryside is all I could dream of.

We have just completed our second 10 mile fun ride and I have one very happy pony. 

I know we won’t set the world alight but we are both so happy.”

Tory Ashby about to ford a stream on Charlie, on her first 10 mile ride in her WOW Saddle.
Tory Ashby and Charlie

It is so good to hear that we’ve been able to help another rider achieve their goals happily and comfortably, whether that is top level competitive sport, or roaming the wonderful West Country.

About firstthoughtequine

First Thought Equine manufactures original and innovative equine saddlery products, including Flair, the Air Flocking system, and WOW saddles. Our mission is to produce products that will improve and enhance equine performance. We have achieved this through testing, field trialing and prototyping over many years on all types of equines, in all disciplines. http://www.flair.uk.com

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