A slight curve makes all the difference

Jenny Folman is well-known in the east of England as a classical dressage rider and trainer. Her blue-chip classical background includes training with exponents of the great European centres, including an ex-Cadre Noir member, and one of the Chief Riders of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Jenny Oct 2017 halt

A couple of years ago she trained as a Wow fitter, and has been delighted with the results of using our saddles, especially on her own Lipizzaner.

Favory Gazdag was imported from Hungary by Jenny Folman as “an unbacked and exceedingly rude 4 year old” but now competes PSG and is ready for Inter 1 thanks to his new deep seat with semi curved tree.


Jenny changes 2 Oct 2017Jenny told us: “I took the new seat straight out to a competition yesterday, as it arrived just in time to switch it over before we left.  It felt quite a bit flatter than the curved tree I’ve been riding in, even though they’re both size 2 deep.  My horse seemed to really like it though, he went really well and we got 2x 66% at Adv Med and completed our qualification for the winter regionals!  I loved it too once I’d got used to the initial different feel, it sits so nicely on the back and I think spreads the weight better”. Jenny pirouette Oct 2017



In the images, Gazdag is competing at PSG, and looking very happy in his changes and canter pirouettes. The judge’s comment was “He is clearly a professor of the work involved.”!

Since then, Jenny has been working on Gazdag’s one-time changes, and his piaffe and passage, and is loving his softness and rideability.  You can watch them working on this video.

About firstthoughtequine

First Thought Equine manufactures original and innovative equine saddlery products, including Flair, the Air Flocking system, and WOW saddles. Our mission is to produce products that will improve and enhance equine performance. We have achieved this through testing, field trialing and prototyping over many years on all types of equines, in all disciplines. http://www.flair.uk.com

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