The winner of our June competition is….

Congratulations to Beth Parker and her lovely horse.

Beth says “I absolutely love my Wow saddle :)) it’s the only one my horse will allow on his back…”

She goes on to say “My horse is a 6 year old P.R.E, he transformed once he had this saddle on his back (I bought it in late December 2011)…he now has a completely different movement, lots of shoulder action, he has come on leaps and bounds since I bought this – it allows such freedom of movement through the front that he has really muscled up in this area. I love it. Now everyone thinks he’s a warmblood when they see him out places – he has the same sort of big paces.”

About firstthoughtequine

First Thought Equine manufactures original and innovative equine saddlery products, including Flair, the Air Flocking system, and WOW saddles. Our mission is to produce products that will improve and enhance equine performance. We have achieved this through testing, field trialing and prototyping over many years on all types of equines, in all disciplines.

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